RV/Boat FAQs


Q. Is there an office at the North Bend RV/Boat Storage Site?

A. No, the RV/Boat Storage is operated remotely. All business transactions take place at Rowley Properties’ main office and/or on-line.

Q. The site is remote, how secure is it?

A. The RV/Boat Storage is fully fenced, access-controlled and secure. Cameras are also utilized to monitor the site, as needed. The site is lighted at night for visibility and for security.

Q. How do I access the site?

A. Upon completing a lease, you will be provided with instructions for access. Access is provided by code or app. 

Q. What happens when I leave the site?

A. The gate will automatically close. To ensure the best security, always make sure the gate is completely closed before leaving. If for any reason it does not or the gate appears damaged, please call our main line (425)395-9566 immediately. If after hours, our call service will answer your call so we may address.

Q. Can I store anything other than a RV/Boat on-site?

A. We apologize but we do not extend storage to other vehicles, pick-up trucks, food trucks, heavy equipment, etc. We also ask that you do not store extra fuel outside of your RV/boat nor hazardous materials.

Q. Are the spaces covered or can I cover my RV or boat?

A. RV or boat may be covered with the fabric storage covers (as long as they are securely attached to your RV/Boat and it does not blow onto neighboring RVs which can scratch them). Metal or “garage” style shelters are not allowed to be used.

Q. My neighbor parks too close to (or accidentally scratched) my RV/Boat. What should I do?

A. Please give Customer Service a call so we may contact the owner to discuss. The unit # will be important to note so we can be sure to connect with the right person. If you saw or believe there was damage to your RV/Boat, if you are able to note day/time or generally thereabouts, it will be helpful to the conversation.

Q. I plan to use my RV for an extended amount of time to travel. Do I have to pay for my space while not in use?

A. There are two options in this scenario: 1. Keep your lease in good standing and continue paying rent in order to ensure your space is available when you return 2. Cancel your lease (forfeiting your space) and start a new lease when you return (if space is still available).

Q. Can I work on my RV/Boat in storage?

A. We ask that anything beyond just a basic internal clean of the vehicle be conducted off-site. For example, washing the exterior, sanding/painting, engine repair are prohibited on-site. Please just use your good judgment or if you have questions, never hesitate to call or e-mail Customer Service to ask.

Q. Is there a waste or sewer dump on site?

A. No, you will need to address your waste removal at a qualified location.

Q. Are there electrical hook-ups for my RV/Boat?

A. No, electrical hook-ups are not provided. Rowley RV/Boat provides secure outdoor parking only.

Q. I no longer need to store my RV/boat, how do I terminate my lease?

A. To terminate a lease, a vacate form must be signed and submitted. Rental charges apply until completed. To begin the process, please call our Customer Service team at (425) 395-9566.